Naughty Catherine Zeta-Jones masturbating on cam

August 11th, 2016 by J

There is not an inch of doubt that Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most sought-after beauties in Hollywood history but she didn’t always liked the idea of being stereotyped as just the pretty face and sexy body goddess because she knows she’s got more to bring to the table. During those times she needed a break from all these, she did something that would eventually shock everyone who’d think she’s incapable of going out from her shell and trying riskier projects. Though majority of us are already wishing we could watch Catherine in some hot sex tape, she made it easy by slipping this one naughty video and it broke the net in just a few seconds of airing. She got fed up being looked at as someone who is just some kinda trophy girlfriend or wife and did well proving her point as she got too comfortable revealing her inner slut while masturbating for the entire world. She’s like some teen chick rebelling for being bullied and has come out to show everyone she’s no dumb cheerleader to be messed with. Watch as she explores herself using her toy, playing with herself, making you wish she’s holding your cock instead of a boring dildo.

Horny Catherine Zeta-Jones masturbates on cam

Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoying rough sex with gardener

April 6th, 2016 by J

It broke a lot of men’s hearts, young and old, when Catherine Zeta-Jones got hitched with Michael Douglas in 2000. Women, particularly the girlfriends and wives rejoiced, because this ended the fantasies for their significant other. But, we have to consider that not everyone on this planet feel the same way because some have wild fantasies, which include hooking up with someone older or someone already seeing someone or could be both. This was the case with most male teens who jack off to Catherine’s sexy posters on their bedroom walls. Even if it shattered them seeing the gorgeous woman wrapped around an old man’s arms every friggin’ night, they can’t help themselves and still imagine it is their young and tender boners fucking the hell out of this hot Welsh actress.

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I personally think that whatever relationship Catherine would choose to be in and I jerk off more than twice a day to her timeless charm and sex appeal, I’d be just like these dudes and just accept the fact that she’s already owned and all I can do is watch and play. Not bad at all because even as she already has two kids, she still looks as stunning and fuckable to anyone who is a fan of hers. It’s like banging your bestfriend’s mom who likes hiring good-looking pricks t do chores for her at home and in turn, gets pleasured and gives pleasure as she sees fit. Oh, did I just mention about Catherine being exactly like this type of a mother? She does hire these handsome yuppies and they end up in their kitchen to talk about stuff and eventually end up in each other’s pants. Catherine gets her cunt eaten and banged rough by her gardener on a kitchen table while teasing him about getting a different kind of payment.

Catherine Zeta Jones Loves To Fuck

September 30th, 2010 by cat

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We all know Catherine Zeta Jones right? I mean, who doesn’t? Starring in hit movies such as Chicago, The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment, you couldn’t miss her! But even if you don’t watch these films, you still wouldn’t miss her! Because her beauty practically steals the eyes of everyone around her! You got that right! Catherine Zeta Jones is one hot MILF and she always turns heads whenever she passes by. With a hot pair of tits and a firm ass in a slim and slender body, what horny bastard in his right mind would pass up the chance to fuck her?

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But what makes Catherine Zeta Jones hotter than your average movie star is her willingness to leak photos of herself getting fucked! That’s right, tons of pictures of Catherine Zeta Jones getting fucked by different hunks! It is a fucking dream come true: seeing Catherine Zeta Jones’s tight, pink pussy being ripped open by big hard cocks! These are some lucky lads and what I would give to be in their place! So what are you waiting for? Click here if you want to see hot pics of Catherine Zeta Jones getting fucked! You won’t regret it!

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Catherine Zeta Jones Hanging Around Her Home Naked

April 26th, 2010 by cat

I guess being married to a millionaire geezer like Michael Douglas has its perks, like not having to work again, ever! I mean all Catherine Zeta Jones has to do is one film a year, and not very challenging ones too, and then head on home to relax amidst the splendor of her mansion.  Or is that mansions?  Whatever, we’re still glad that that’s all Catherine does all day.  And do you know why?  Because she likes to spend her time at home in a naked or nearly naked state!  And we’ve got pictures, which is even better!

Here we’ve got luscious nude pics of Catherine Zeta Jones in her element, which is totally nude and I guess feeling kind of horny!  Our first pic actually doesn’t have Catherine naked, just on her way to it as she slowly slips off her top to unleash her juicy juggernauts.  You can have a peek at her nipples in this one, and it’ll get you all ready for what comes next!

Her next pic has her reclined on a sofa, and while she’s nude, all you can see here is her fine ass.  She’s got a top on too, but her yummy breasts still peek out for us to marvel at.  But it’s really the next photo that’s my favorite.  This has Catherine at her favorite hobby, which is downloading porn!  You can see she’s got quite a collection on the wall behind her, and they’re all pics of naked chicks!  I didn’t know that Catherine had a lesbian streak in her, and she looks like she’s just about to start masturbating to those dirty pics!

Do you want to see Catherine Zeta Jones even more exposed than she is here?  Then you’d better just head on over to this website, which has all her nasty secrets for everyone to enjoy…

Catherine Zeta-Jones proves she’s one of the most desirable women in the world

August 4th, 2008 by cat

This post includes a small gallery of very hot glamour pictures of our favorite Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.  One of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet, Catherine looks delicious in these mixed set of hot photos showcasing her awesome figure and beautiful face.  She has the rare quality of looking very sexy and classy at the same time whether she’s dressed in casual clothes, skimpy outfits, or elegant gowns.  She’s very desirable and she knows it.  She exudes a kind of appeal that men can’t help but notice.  Very hot in my book, Catherine proves my opinion with these pictures.  I know these three photos are not enough to satisfy you.  That’s why I included this link to more nude pictures and movies of this Hollywood star.  Click the link and enjoy browsing the tons of Catherine Zeta-Jones material they have available for downloading or simply viewing.

A couple of steamy, nude movie scenes starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

August 4th, 2008 by cat

In her early career as an actress in the U.K., Catherine Zeta-Jones was considered a sex symbol and was constantly hounded by the paparazzi.  When you watch the films she did back then, you would not wonder why she was considered sexy.  Just take a look at the short videos below and see for yourself why.  Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared in some movies where she was required to go topless and she did that with no hesitation at all.  And because of that, she got noticed in her native country and was cast in one of the most popular T.V. shows then.  She became an instant success but the hassle of keeping her life normal and away from paparazzi drove her to cross the Atlantic and start all over in the U.S.  Ironically, her move made her a bigger star than before and she’s now famous worldwide because of her success in Hollywood.  I guess she’s used to the spotlight now and is more accustomed to unwanted photographers hounding her every move.  Visit and feel free to browse the extensive collection of Catherine Zeta-Jones nude pictures and movies available in the site.

Nipple slips, see-thrus, and upskirts galore featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones

August 4th, 2008 by cat

One can’t help but admire paparazzi photographers on their sheer determination and patience in capturing that uncompromisingly sexy shot of the world’s most famous celebrities.  They wait for hours, do crazy things, and literally put their lives and careers on the line just to get that one-in-a-million photo.  The celebrity featured in this post is none other than the beautiful and exotic Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In this small set of pics, she shows us a little nipple slip, a hot, see-thru glamour picture, and an equally hot show of legs as she steps down from a car.  The nipple slip picture shows Catherine in a revealing dress with Sean Connery as her partner.  The photographer managed to catch this particular moment and he got the prize of a hot nipple slip for his efforts.  The next photo is not a candid, which makes it all the more arousing because Catherine posed for this picture.  It shows her posing in a hot see-thru dress with her nipples clearly defined through the fabric of her outfit.  The last one features her awesome legs on display as she steps out of a car.  No doubt about it, Catherine Zeta-Jones possesses the body of a twenty-year-old with the intelligent and mature mind of a thirty-eight-year-old.  If that isn’t sexy, I don’t what to say.  Click the link to get more pictures and movies of Catherine Zeta-Jones Nude.

Topless candid shots of Hollywood superstar Catherine Zeta-Jones

August 4th, 2008 by cat

Filmed topless while sunbathing on a yacht, these early screencaps of Catherine Zeta-Jones circulated the net several years ago.  Here they are again for your viewing pleasure.  Just click the photos below and get the full-sized version.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks delicious in these topless shots.  I guess Michael Douglas saw these and decided he wanted to father her children; which was precisely what he did.  Way to go Michael!  Jealousy aside, Catherine is such a fantastic-looking woman.  The Welsh actress is often mistaken to be Spanish and her breakthrough role in “The Mask of Zorro” opposite Antonio Banderas didn’t help to dissuade the mistake.  She said that after the movie, she was addressed in Spanish a lot of times and she jokingly stated that because of the movie, she gained a new nationality.  Spanish or not, she was undeniably hot as Antonio’s love interest in the movie.  Her appearance in that year’s Academy Awards was equally hot and if some people haven’t noticed her in the movie, her red carpet appearance certainly did the trick.  There’s a new Hollywood hottie in town, and Catherine Zeta-Jones perfectly fitted in among all the other beautiful stars.  Check out Catherine Zeta-Jones Nude and get nude pictures and movies of this sultry actress.