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Catherine Zeta Jones Hanging Around Her Home Naked

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I guess being married to a millionaire geezer like Michael Douglas has its perks, like not having to work again, ever! I mean all Catherine Zeta Jones has to do is one film a year, and not very challenging ones too, and then head on home to relax amidst the splendor of her mansion.  Or is that mansions?  Whatever, we’re still glad that that’s all Catherine does all day.  And do you know why?  Because she likes to spend her time at home in a naked or nearly naked state!  And we’ve got pictures, which is even better!

Here we’ve got luscious nude pics of Catherine Zeta Jones in her element, which is totally nude and I guess feeling kind of horny!  Our first pic actually doesn’t have Catherine naked, just on her way to it as she slowly slips off her top to unleash her juicy juggernauts.  You can have a peek at her nipples in this one, and it’ll get you all ready for what comes next!

Her next pic has her reclined on a sofa, and while she’s nude, all you can see here is her fine ass.  She’s got a top on too, but her yummy breasts still peek out for us to marvel at.  But it’s really the next photo that’s my favorite.  This has Catherine at her favorite hobby, which is downloading porn!  You can see she’s got quite a collection on the wall behind her, and they’re all pics of naked chicks!  I didn’t know that Catherine had a lesbian streak in her, and she looks like she’s just about to start masturbating to those dirty pics!

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